Saturday, 30 May 2009

''...the beginning,''

this is what he'd always known
the promise of something greater beyond the water's final horizon

0313; final whistle bellow f4or college rangs out upon 01ht, prep procedure launch against campaign for the waves. follow on for coordinates and/or statistics at later date(s)

''...600 000 votlz ov prssvre.''

0303; kopper vowel substituting in machinary, need for the thought of a posteng of 0001 hrads that nevr made it to FINAL(s) of developmenthell. use for anovthahr night.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

''...joueniey quartz takkle mothranatura.''

0348; heartland disturbed by yellow TINT orange wheeler, documented evry but other events of the timezone.

''...dos m. freq repetae?''

0317; warmth of slow lumbering night forces hand into developing new annex for continued mining and habitation programe entitled ''summer XXXX collection''

alone, under the steady lamplight of affordable european plastic, a databank signature pings across a matrix of echoes and cities, files and folders. a steady rush of memory and a anxious wait of streamed information is unfolded and deployed across the backdrop of a darkened black space, deep and unsettled within a hive of many corners.