Tuesday, 25 May 2010

joyous EP artwork

after many headaches, skull scratchings and early morning confusion regarding mirrored images, horizontal and vertical openings, the artwork for the joyous EP is finally done. my first *proper* CD design, lucky enough for it to be a fancy cardboard gatefold type and with a free reign to do whatever i wanted, though it was decided to contrast heavily on the inside and outside, but mostly what i wanted. this is going to be printed and assembled by the band themselves.

in the pipe: tour flyers for MANATEES, logo for HAMMERS, logo for italian band LIFELESS, applied illustration final images, assorted side projects... busy busy busy, yet so tired, sleepy and lazy.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

offshores 1 thru 3

applied illustration.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

inspirations in barren plains: seminar I

i don't know how many people read, care or indulge in this blog, but from time to time i thought i'm going to start blogging (what a terrible, terrible word) about stuff aside from my own work - influence, recommendations, inspiration, new finds, etc... mostly record covers, probably, but other stuff too.

the project i am working on right now involves the graphic construction of a cd release, and here's what's frequenting my desk as a bit of influence at the moment...

top to bottom: agoraphobic nosebleed - pcp tornado/pcp torpedo re-issue, botch dvd, helms alee release.