Saturday, 22 August 2009

new flyers

above: two out of... five (maybe?) flyers currently in the spin for local band Little Fury ( - go listen). just a little summer project to get me on my feet a little bit, also using this ''brief'' of sorts to try out some ideas and techniques so that they all don't look or feel the same. that's the plan anyway. more on them soon.

kurrently: down; II: a bustle in your hedgerow, battlefield 1943/bad company, battlestar galactica season 1, house of leaves by mark z. danielewski, a bad cough and a rubbish cold, knut: challenger, sorting out finances/awaiting departure for falmouth, getting my head around the epic journey from falmouth to leeds for damnation festival, getting hyped for all tomorrows parties. good and bad times all around.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ongoing continuation of the continue (''an update, amadeus!'')

enough with the cryptic jibber-jabber/deely/dowhat and nonce-sense. this is summer and summer is dull, so here is some recent work. i have little to none motivation for a real time-lapse set of works, though i have plenty of ideas for what i would like to do. i miss having briefs and a fine art teacher to set me on the right track every time i strayed too far from it. hopefully falmouth gets me back into the game in a few months... can't wait.

for now, some random odds and sods from the last few wide-awake early morning 4/5 am doodle sessions. my body clock is broke and i've too much AWESOME music to enjoy instead of sleeping. here are some outcomes.

(i tell a lie... the last image is old, back from when i was putting my falmouth interview portfolio together but i found it amongst a stack of files so what the hell. i like it.)