Tuesday, 31 August 2010

thirsty and miserable

i am not actually thirsty nor miserable i am refreshed by the countless amounts of spar value orange and apple juice cartons that are dotted around my NEW ROOM and living in falmouth is anything by miserable, i have however latched/leeched on to a new line of work by way of a music promotions outlet thanks to one ben adsett (http://www.weareoutofstep.blogspot.com/ and others) so here's some work i've been doing for that with more to come soon

simple two colour flyers that i think are going to get printed and plastered around. either way a good chance to use what i've been messing about with lately which is well it's dead fish and volcano ... things. that and just simple blok colours you know whatever shut up. again some more to come, i'll compile these with the manatees/taint flyers and use them to bulk up my summer project work that i have to hand in sometime soon before i start uni. exciting times

before these i was asked to create a logo for said promotions, here's some of those and then the final image that was chosen

in running order: first, second and third design, it was decided the more written (last) one was preferable which was the one i liked the least so i went and re-did it and came out with this

what else? i am also working on a really messy and horrible book called NATASHA based on the fantastic pig destroyer song of the same name. it's really tatty and rubbish and based on a book of black and white photos based in tiverton, devon. it's really just a glorified sketchbook but it's got a (creepy) narrative running throughout. that said i haven't touched my regular sketchbook in long time but i'm using a really thin throwaway scrappy-like book to throw down ideas dead fast and that has kind of spiraled into a storyboard for a comic that i'll maybe work on when i go home tomorrow. maybe i dunno it started off pretty simple about these russians who just... fight i guess but now it's kind of twisted it's way towards being a mix of the thing meets the first alien film with a bit of the game dead space thrown in for good (gory) measure. more on that some other day

here's a small portion of things that have happened this summer with, like always, more to come as i need to develop some photos as i've been using my film nikon more than my digital.

1-4: moving in, good burgers, the red arrows being ridiculous

this summer also saw 2000trees festival with the likes of and so i watch you from afar, tubelord, 65daysofstatic, three trapped tigers, vessels, pulled apart by horses, frank turner and new found discover cats and cats and cats. all were pretty fucking fantastic to be blunt, the entire festival was blindingly good and it's inexcusable of me to have not gone in previous years. downsides were a bit of rain and missing maybeshewill, but i could hear them from the entrance que and anyway i saw them the next week at off the cuff in festival which was EVEN BETTER. saw a lot of well-looked forward to bands and was introduced to a whole host of exciting bands that have further proved there is so much hope for the uk music scene. bands caught, enjoyed, sweated-to and made laugh by; adebisi shank, &u&i, bronze medals, tubelord, tall ships, the computers, men, hold your horse is, run, walk!, maybeshewill, holy state and a whole fuckton more. great weekend, great bands. again, inexcusable to have never attended before.

summer supplements: adebisi shank ''this is the second album of a band called adebisi shank'', tubelord ''tezcatlipoca'' EP, fucked up ''the chemistry of common life'', boris ''BXI'' EP, devil sold his soul ''blessed and cursed'', isis/melvins split, this will destroy you ''moving on the edges of things'' EP and probably lots more stuff.