Sunday, 21 March 2010

these eyes and this tower

one last thing i'm working on before i leave falmouth for easter, or have been the last few nights anyway. creative energy is a little low at the moment due to the stress of the last week of getting my illustrated book done, but as of now that is all printed, edited, bound and handed in so from now until the first day of term there is no immediate work to be done, just this work above that i'm working away at every now and again (i'm keeping it under wraps because if it gets all sorted, it's going to be big. hopefully) and some reading to do for our next brief at the start of the next term which is fairly open, but it's ''applied'' illustration meaning it's still to a specification of sorts. more on that at another date.

sadly i didn't take any photos of my book as i was binding on the very last day of the deadline (just like everyone else, i'm not *the* slowest in the class) and i forgot my camera but i'll grab some snaps after easter or maybe just throw up the book files itself if there's nothing else to blog about over the FOUR WEEKS rest. i am ridiculously excited about getting home. not so much the train journey, but i've books to read, a sketchbook to fill and new albums to delve into so whatever, just get it over with. 

it's been a good term on the falmouth front, not quite the same antics and hilarity of the first term but that was freshers and an ease into work, whereas this term they've hit us with three big projects and the finale of the illustrated book itself so things have been hectic to say the least. pros have been house parties, diana camera, finding a house, great weather, vinyl and the same good people who make it the best of the best down here, but that sounds soppy so enough of that. cons aren't to be spoken about.

train -> home -> family -> friends -> xbox -> bed -> the holidays -> ??? -> traim -> falmouth.


Monday, 15 March 2010

things to do in dunham when you're dead

above: FAUST posters, new and old. last project of the term save any ongoing visual studies work and the illustrated book, which is to be done for friday.

the first is my final design that i put together today, the second a rough i threw together in 30 minutes last week. it shares the same themes and basic layout, but i spruced it up from a more flat, two-dimensional layout to something a little more lively and dark to proper reflect the atmosphere of the story... or something. 

this wasn't my initial intention - to be quite honest, this project hasn't boded well with me for the entire three weeks hence the last minute piece of work. this is mostly because the brief wasn't quite what i hoped (read: hyped) it to be, and that the illustrated book has taken a priority, or more the center spread had. more on that later, i've got to receive the prints of my book, edit them and bind them before i'm happy enough to say i'm finished, that day hopefully to be wednesday. we'll see.

i had a long talk with a tutor today about the direction of the course, a few of my distastes and worries but it's all soothed itself over now and it's thank to that that i've sat down reluctantly to give this project another go and even though it's likely i'm to be chewed out again for not having this, not appealing to this audience, not being smart enough with my images and at the same time (?!) being too complicated... well, fuck 'em, it's done and i'm happy. mostly because it's a skull. and some shards, somewhere. some of the text isn't technically finished, it's missing the dates and info line regarding the composer but i'm going to add them in my hand on the final print out. 

nearly the end of term. to come: illustrated book spreads, second diana roll, long train journey home, rest, shorts.

sound: rinoa ''an age among them'' (fucking amazing. buy this record now), daughters s/t, nedry ''condors'', latterman ''no matter where we go...!'', burning the prospect ''no great design'', the dillinger escape plan ''option paralysis''

Friday, 12 March 2010

we were exploding anyway

cannot fathom have much i'm excited for this album. i've been clawing for live audio of the new songs as much as i can the last few months, ever since i first heard them played when i saw them at square fest last year, only then i had no idea what they were or what they were for. right now i'm spinning two mix mashups from a DJ set they did that are direct line-in feeds from a laptop of weak4 and TD, as well as piano fights and an unknown song from a marc riley session.

so, so excited. until then, the new rinoa should be arriving by post on monday... hopefully.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Monday, 1 March 2010