Sunday, 11 April 2010

crash tactics

probably the most ''final'' illustration i've done since i've been home, and the deer isn't even mine. more work to commence next week when i get back to my scanner and computer...

this week: hangovers, flu, loss of debit card by hungry ATM, cycling, black sheep wall ''i am god songs'', 65daysofstatic ''stumble.stop.repeat'' EP, admiral angry ''buster'' (crushingly heavy, woefully bitter), mass effect 2, the good weather.

Friday, 9 April 2010

some very important things have just happened.

godspeed you! black emperor reforming, curating and playing the ATP i was looking forward to going to regardless of the curators, and SWANS playing supersonic. two leading UK festivals for experimental, unique and downright odd music making two legendary bands reform and headline their dates. 

for all the unoriginal, uninspired, rip-off and off-the-beat of the pulse festivals this country has, it still manages to come through with hardhitters that blow my mind. here's looking forward to what the damnation folk manage to pull off and that'll be my three amazing festivals for this year done.