Saturday, 30 January 2010

i'm afraid we're still in wheelchairs

this band are seriously doing a good job of making my brain rattle right now. so angry, so forceful, so CRUSHING.

Monday, 25 January 2010

(it) approaches

bit of personal work for the slow, cold nights.

JOYOUS colour

above: i) joyous linework ii) light pink draft iii) seafoam draft

from the joyous blog:

''Also we have just ordered 50 American Apparel T-shirts with our design splashed all over them. we have ordered 5 different colours and they are.. Sea Foam, Light Pink, Grass Green, Cremé and Heather Grey, printing 10 of each

T-shirts will be individually numbered and will be only £10.00. They will be available from gigs and online via Paypal on our myspace or Big Cartel, which i shall be setting up soon.
If you look on the American "Apparel website" for standard basic t-shirts they start at £13.00.

Sea Foam, Light Pink, Grass Green, Cremé and Heather Grey. The five colours of the Tee's again.
Cheers me dears. Slaw x''

sweet, my first t-shirt run! here's hoping everything goes smoothly...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

joyous / falmouth

above: designs for local wolves/birmingham outfit JOYOUS, who make far happier noise then i could ever even think of. go listen. a few more tweaks to these designs to still be done but overall i'm pretty happy with them.

i'd upload some work that's going on right now but for some reason none of the files are playing nice with the blogger uploader, so whatever. everything is trundling along nicely to say the least, though we'll see how that fares come tutor time tomorrow.

to make up for that, how about some photos of lovely falmouth in pseudo summer mode. it's made me excited.

food for the gods: washed out ''life of leisure'' ep, blakfish ''champions'', peter gabriel ''scratch my back'', ? ''oversteps'', four tet ''there is love in you'', subtle ''for hero: for fool'', throats ''throats'', set your goals ''this will be the death of us'', propagandhi ''today's empires, tomorrow's ashes'', true blood season 2 (just finished), the wire season 2, oz season 1, good food, good company

Sunday, 17 January 2010

wheels in motion

above: possible character design for research project and test background prints for said project. as of today these ideas are unchecked by tutors, tomorrow i present my idea and thoughts then go from there. the character is a mock up showing the style i am working my project around. the project itself is entitled the figure within illustration and we have three separate briefs to choose from. mine is based around the seven deadly sins, more specifically anger, and it's counter, patience. hard to see what my idea is just yet, so more on that to come in later days.

settling back nicely to falmouth, gone through the week receiving briefs and grades from class so the ball is now rolling with work to do and bars to raise. had a great week back so far, going to be spending the next few searching for a house and getting these projects up to speed. pictures of the week soon to follow if i get some film developed...

keeping me afloat: friends, falmouth, ham sandwiches, alcohol, radiators and hot towels, hood ''cold house'' and ''outside closer'', themselves ''the no music'', alexisonfire ''watch out!'' and ''crisis'', the draft ''in a million pieces'', the wire season 2, true blood season 2 and the wait for summer...

Thursday, 7 January 2010


maybe, who knows.

right now: the american dollar ''atlas'', cobalt ''gin'', gnaw their tongues ''spasming and howling, bowels loosening and bladder emptying, vomiting helplessly...'', wraiths, fall of efrafa, surfer blood ''astrocoast'' and some other stuff.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010