Thursday, 24 March 2011


i keep a few of my tumblr sites to myself so that i can retain fairly anonymous to certain artwork or design, just as a playful element mostly but also because it's nice to not brand yourself sometimes. anyway, i've meant to put this into a dim, hazy limelight for some time and this isn't one of the 'secret' ones, so go follow accordingly. or not?

this isn't to say i am ''leaving'' blogspot, as i have lately seen a fair few folk, for i don't necessarily see the point in departing from one network to another so easily. i spent a lot of my time going through my blogs following list and i'd like to hope that one or two of them might chance across my own posting every now and again. still, it's a corner of the internet i hold down and i'm not going to drop it simply to bandwagon over to another. both will do fine.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


spazzy irish instru-mentalists AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR recently asked facebook/the internets for people to come forward and design a 12'' cover for their newest single, search: party: animal, which you can listen to here. the competition also asked for a remix of their new song, but i'm not savvy enough for anything like that.

i fucking adore this band, they haven't released a single bad record yet and i have such high hopes for them in the next few years. hell, they're doing mint for themselves as it is, so it can only get better. the new song is from their forthcoming EP gangs and after that comes there second full length. exciting times! cannot wait to see them again at 2000 trees.

anyway, i produced three images that i thought were apt to their sound, though i only sent two of them off... i should of only sent one, actually, but i couldn't decide.

the feeling and method behind these images was captured best whilst trying to replicate the sounds i could hear in the song and their sound in general - very astute, sharp, cutting licks of guitar amongst a very chaotic, noisy but very well tuned and adjusted series of bounding rhythms. to me, i see lots of geometric shapes against a more colourfull almost 'jangley' cascading sound of things breaking - after all, they do say we they are the bull and we, the listeners, are the china shop. i wanted to capture that sonic wave of smash right down to a T, or at least my best attempt at it.

the shards are a throwback both to an old design of mine from foundation and their logo itself. i have wanted to get the cascading shards into a number of things for the last few years, albeit they have all been very personal, so i figured now would be a good time to bring them back. older incursions in sonic frequencies that cause shattering shards can be found here and here.

the images are made through a series of playful print exercises, paint, ink, cellulose thinner and pen, finished in photoshop for fine tuning and design needs.

the winners have still to be announced, and the deadline was close on two weeks now. the band say they are overwhelmed with responses and the decision is difficult to make, so even if i don't win, i'm excited to see and hear the final outcomes!

Monday, 14 March 2011

morbid angel delight

an aching head
and an unspoilt bed
like a flower hand-carved in ice
and about as inviting as christmas lights

- palehorse, ''how to avoid huge riffs'', from possibly the album of 2011 already.