Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ongoing continuation of the continue (''an update, amadeus!'')

enough with the cryptic jibber-jabber/deely/dowhat and nonce-sense. this is summer and summer is dull, so here is some recent work. i have little to none motivation for a real time-lapse set of works, though i have plenty of ideas for what i would like to do. i miss having briefs and a fine art teacher to set me on the right track every time i strayed too far from it. hopefully falmouth gets me back into the game in a few months... can't wait.

for now, some random odds and sods from the last few wide-awake early morning 4/5 am doodle sessions. my body clock is broke and i've too much AWESOME music to enjoy instead of sleeping. here are some outcomes.

(i tell a lie... the last image is old, back from when i was putting my falmouth interview portfolio together but i found it amongst a stack of files so what the hell. i like it.)

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