Saturday, 19 December 2009

i swallowed hard, like i understood

the problem with listening to really good new music is that it often keeps me to silly-o-clock on urges and whims to do something creative. the other problem is leaving half of my equipment at falmouth for obvious transports reasons, and the very core of my creative output is done through my scanner and computer, both of which are in my flat. until then... photos of  the week ''study'' trip to london. 

a to g: reflective surface somewhere in london; awesome old-fashioned coffee shop scouted out by one j. hurley and d. slice; generator hostel interior light; cheap sandwich/tinny time to combat silly london prices; drinks w/ illustrators; wonderful ceiling. 

though frustrations and bitterness of that cursed city aside, it was good fun. the agencies and publishers were very interesting and the shenanigans and banter all around was top, top times. as if my fatigue of the city couldn't of been any worse having travelled from falmouth to home, then down to wolves after a brief birthday break, then after that tiring week i was back down south to minehead for all tomorrows parties which was AMAZING. seriously... they know how to put on a fest. highlights include: messy, smoked out chalets with some amazing bellends who i usually only get to see once a year at damnation, early morning SUNNO))) set destroying my eardrums, modest mouse being everything and more than i could of imagined, battles, yeah yeah yeahs, explosions in the sky, many more but my favourite act of the weekend being the hour of distorted, glitchy, trancey noise from the FUCK BUTTONS set. it got a point where my eyes were closed for a good 20 minutes, and then someone behind me pulled my hood down, thus disturbing my lovely little absorbtion. protip: your a cunt.

but anyway, amazing. i wish i could of taken photos, but i'm not sure if i would of been able to find any time between moving about all weekend and having my eyes glued to every single act i watched. just... mindblowing. thanks ATP!

for now: HORSE the band ''a natural death'', eaststrikewest ''w o l v v e s'' (brilliant), converge ''when forever comes crashing'', nihill ''krach'', palehorse ''gee, that ain't swell'', they are cowards ''demo 08'' (as i have it labelled here...), ROME season 1, the dexter finale (holy shit?!) and long, extended dark winter rest. since being at home i have only today got my pencil case out, though tomorrow i have a schedule of work to crack on with, both uni and personal related. cool.

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