Thursday, 18 February 2010

...and all the pieces matter

... though sadly, not all the pieces could be put together for this project. what started as a large, A1 sized idea has had to be reduced down to a A3 poster showcasing not even half the characters drawn, nonetheless important fictional characters themselves in the show, and a few locations cut from the spot illustration pile due to space.

regardless, a fun project. the theme was maps, and right from the get go i had my idea set on basing it around the wire, central west baltimore (or actually east baltimore, as that's where the majority of the filming and locations are regardless of the shows plot) as starting as a project based around research first and foremost, there isn't something i know more than this wonderful tv. i feel at this point that i know west b-more on the back of my hand, i've watched it and subsequence david simon/ed burns shows so much now, but that's for another post. or not.

i'd like to say ''if i had another week...'', but i said that for my last project, based around the figure. at least the research here was done pretty proper, though a few things have been tweaked but unless you're a fan of the wire, the average joe shouldn't be able to spot them. that's such a ridiculous way of me to cut a corner, but i assure you, automated spambot follower 000189282, it was for the best.

next project is based around posters. i am very excited. 

lately: cloudkicker, flatlands ''black sluice'', foals, jurassic 5, jedi mind tricks, alien, aliens, the wire season 5, lots of sleep.

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