Sunday, 14 November 2010

advertising pt. I


some work produced by myself, finn clark, josh hurley and tom turner over the last two weeks: raising awareness of rainforest destruction by literally bringing it home. the campaign - a run of bus shelter prints, billboard posters and magazine spreads - was to show workers destroying a rainforest, or what we have come to ignore as something else's home, only instead of trees and nature, they are invading our own sanctuaries and privacy by tearing up our homes. it's best explained in person i guess, but nevertheless it was a lot of fun. we did another project but the artworks and visuals are sitting on our desks in the studio, so i'll throw them up another time.....

bear in mind these are visuals created in one night and are only created in concept to show off the basic barebones of an idea; in reality, with a budget, we envisioned actors, a proper photo shoot, a set... but instead, given the timeframe of one day to bounce ideas, a second to create, we went with cut out models and a camera, whilst finn created some lovely photoshop mock-ups. all in, a good two days work, we reckon. good fun.

good things: team sleep s/t, bats for lashes, glassjaw 7'' singles, bad brains s/t, deathspell omega ''paracletus'', post-damnation weekend rest, talk, plans, new shoes.....

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