Saturday, 15 January 2011

we'll talk and talk though there's nothing left to say

as we come along the way
there's nothing here
nothing to say

FLATLANDS / 2005 - 2010

/ / /

this band have meant a lot to me the last year or so. frustratingly hard to follow and keep track of, but the unearthing of their releases really hit home for me upon first listen to the debut black sluice and it's only today that i received their first ep vermuyden and the recently released self-titled flatlands ep through the post and managed to sit down with all three in hand and listen to them across the span of their time around before, in classic yet tediously inevitable unique-british-band fashion, they split up. apparently this happened in october, though the first i heard of it was just the other day.

it's been a bit of a kicker, really. just that tad bit gutting to see yet another amazing act go down the drain. the other week it was throats, before that rinoa. what a horrible state of affairs.

in their departure, new life is breathed into the songs i held so dear to me these last few months. it gives everything that extra bit more meaning, that little bit more energy and emotion to really bring everything together as a wonderful piece of music. on the flipside to that, the bleak, harrowing and depressive tones of such tracks as the unbearable lightness of spalding and things to do in dunham when you're dead will still be the deadpan and downbeat tones of boredom and strife that the samples and field recordings make them, but that's what makes this band so appealing to me: the absolute loss of anything pleasant or hopeful in their words and musicianship... except for, of course, the fact and they're utter fucking riff masters and sludgy slabs of downtuned rumblings and wailing never sounded so good or apt to be the soundtrack to a band that wrote lyrics based solely around lincolnshire. a band with a truly monumental sound, cease to be.

rest in peace, you poor bored bastards.

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