Wednesday, 16 February 2011


final artworks from our information illustration brief. the aim of this brief was to create a series of artworks that may be found in a piece of informative media, such as a book, on a poster, in flyers, etc. i choose to create five double page spreads focusing on the battle of stalingrad by soviet and german forces. i wanted to make a book that was neither another photographic coffee table book (which are good anyway) or a static, dull book of uniforms and equipment with mannequin-esqe soldiers milling or bumbling around simply for the reason to make it easier for the reader to make out details. the way i figure it, war doesn't standstill for such reasons, so i wanted to attract the sort of reader who has that masculine interest in such things as commando comics or putting a pair of boots on and rolling around in the woods all day with sticks for guns. at least, that's what i liked when i was young anyway.

i do not support, believe or want these images to in any way say that i support the idea of warfare, no less from the past or the present war on ''terror'' - i just wanted to make something that informed readers about the horrible events of stalingrad in a little more interesting way then, as said, simply reusing photographs or illustrating soldiers showing off a winter uniform or some such. anyway, i'm happy with it at least.

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