Thursday, 24 March 2011


i keep a few of my tumblr sites to myself so that i can retain fairly anonymous to certain artwork or design, just as a playful element mostly but also because it's nice to not brand yourself sometimes. anyway, i've meant to put this into a dim, hazy limelight for some time and this isn't one of the 'secret' ones, so go follow accordingly. or not?

this isn't to say i am ''leaving'' blogspot, as i have lately seen a fair few folk, for i don't necessarily see the point in departing from one network to another so easily. i spent a lot of my time going through my blogs following list and i'd like to hope that one or two of them might chance across my own posting every now and again. still, it's a corner of the internet i hold down and i'm not going to drop it simply to bandwagon over to another. both will do fine.

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