Sunday, 4 March 2012


the other day i released MAN THE RAMPARTS 001 - wolvo-shouty-jams WRESTLING’s WOLF TOWN ep.

it was a limited to 50 run of cassettes each with individual photos covers of locations in and around wolverhampton at night time (with the exception of one day time photo, just to fuck with the concept a bit) and a series of wrestling inlays, again all individual. all were designed, hand-assembled and recorded by myself here in falmouth.

you can listen and download for free here or purchase a tape for yourself here.

this was a lot of fun and has left me pretty hungry to get working on something else as soon as possible.

for more information, i have a developmental/progress/general news tumblr which can be found here. if you search MAN THE RAMPARTS RECORDS into facebook it should find it (hopefully), and more up-to-date nonsense/chit-chat can be followed on my twitter account there.


rory / man the ramparts

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