Monday, 16 November 2009

conceptual thinking / quotes.

just a quick one from our deadline today based on a brief entitled quotes. pick a quote from a list of 10, work up some rough ideas on conceptualizing it into a self-descriptive image then produce a final for crit. we've been doing this for 4/5 weeks now - going away and getting out heads around fairly linear briefs and slowly i've been introducing a few more things into each piece of work. not so much this specific final as i was stretched for time and a printer to get the results i wanted, but i'm fairly happy with it anyway. more of these when i unearth them from my desk.

upcoming; last con/think brief, finish up tone/colour work, last life drawing class for the term, progress on book then away from a week in london to visit agencies and industry folk alike, as well as galleries and the like. going early to spend my birthday doing something in the city then hopefulyl going to catch DILLINGER 4 (fuck yes!) then off to bristol, down to minehead for MODEST MOUSE, battles, sunno))), explosions in the sky, yeah yeah yeahs and many, many more. oh yeah, then home. fuck, i'm looking forward to that so much. i need a break so badly, but this month is going to be so busy with some proper class things to do so whatever, let it roll.

a u d i o: architects, *shels. bring me the horizon, junius, converge

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