Monday, 9 November 2009

a little bit of solidarity goes a long way

ongoing/spare time and/or otherwise. i haven't much to show because everything is amongst my clever filing system of putting things under my desk and not touching them until the end of the year during the mad rush for assessment so that i do not get kicked off the course. here's what i do have. 

a to d: i) illustrated book quick mock-up, ii) more full artwork mock-up of centerpiece gate fold image, iii) messing about with some old designs and textures and iv) something for fun, testing my scanner's dpi out.

on the non-pencil related front, falmouth is bastard ace. i have met a right standard amount of blessed folk to swear at and rant amongst. i say amongst and mean at as well as swear but whatever. illustration is tough but fair... much like boot camp. 'nam is tougher but it lacks wednesday afternoons off. 

audiophilia: rinoa, bossk, asiwyfa, ghost of a thousand, mum, dallas green, etc.

visions: too many movies, spaced and the wire season five. 

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